The Employment Works Program provides the State of Maryland with high-quality services and commodities. Maryland Works is confident that the Community Service Providers can meet or exceed the specifications set in any contract when awarded.

If you are interested in purchasing these products or services, please call 410-381-8660 or email:



Janitorial Services: Able to service Class A commercial buildings, schools, institutions, agency buildings, campuses, etc). Tasks include but are not limited to mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, emptying receptacles, bus shelter cleaning, window cleaning (exterior & interior), and refilling cleaning supplies).


Landscaping Services: Able to provide commercial grounds maintenance for large campuses, commercial buildings, and schools. Tasks include but are not limited to grass cutting, mulching, pruning, planting, fertilization, leaf/debris removal, herbicide/pesticide application).


Floor Care Services: Able to remove, install, and clean carpeted floors.  Removal, installation, and refinishing of hardwood and tile flooring. 


Security Guard Services: Able to provide licensed unarmed guard services; Licensed by MSP.


Policing Services: Able to provide litter pick-up services and changing of receptacle lining for any area except highway grounds.


Data Entry and Other Administrative Services: Able to provide administrative support tasks such as mail sorting, front desk duties, data entry, etc.


Total Facilities Maintenance Service: Able to provide a full comprehensive building management and maintenance (exterior and interior). TFM services are usually a combination of the following services: janitorial, landscaping, policing, security, floor care, parking lot management, snow removal, painting, elevator maintenance, electrical, paving, heating and air conditioning maintenance (HVAC), pest control, etc.


Scanning Services: Able to provide a range of optical scanning tasks such as document imaging, photo scanning, microfiche scanning, aperture card scanning, document indexing, document redaction, book scanning, X-ray scanning, etc.)


Printing and Mailing: Able to provide a wide array of different high-volume printing options such as color printing, black & white printing, double sided print, binding, and various card stock. Large format printing is available like posters, banners, signs, photo enlargements, vehicle decals, and die-cut stickers. As for mailing, tasks include presorting mail, mailing list management, mail preparation, packaging, scheduling outgoing mail, and education on USPS regulations.


Document Management: Able to manage documents either through cloud storage or a document management program. Tasks include but are not limited to merging duplicate documents, microfiche conversion, formatting documents in a uniform fashion, act as a digital mailroom for incoming documents, and create QA reports on the document management.


Courier Services: Able to provide courier services for fixed route schedules and “on demand” schedules.


Food Services: Able to provide event catering, cafeteria hall service, lunch box catering, MRE: Meals Ready to Eat, emergency meals, etc.


Shredding Services: Able to provide on-site document shredding. Shred bins can be provided on-site and serviced on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or as-needed basis.


Fulfillment Services: Available large warehouse space that is suited and currently used for pick/pack/ship operations, kitting, and light assembly operations (marketing gift bags, PPE packets, etc)


Construction Services: Able to provide construction of new ground-up buildings, office buildings, schools, nursing facilities, assisted living homes, warehouses, etc. Renovations tasks of the building listed above include drywall work, framing, finishes, doors/hardware, acoustics, flooring, painting, and plumbing.


Restoration Services: Able to repair/replace building drywall, acoustics, flooring, electrical, and plumbing for buildings that have suffered from disaster flooding, fire damage, mold, and/or asbestos.


Demolition Services: Able to provide demolition services for entire building/structure, interior only demolition, and housing.


Storage Services: Able to provide a highly secure and temperature-controlled warehouse with accessible loading dock. The warehouse is equipped with fire protection measures. An inventory tracking software is used to locate boxes and account for contents inside. Available long-term and short-term storage. Available option for delivery services relating to storage.


Covid-19 Mitigation Services: Able to provide CDC recommended preventative measures and sanitation with PPE equipped personnel.


Call Center Operations: Able to manage high volumes of incoming calls and provide front-line customer assistance. 


Business Consulting & Development: Able to provide consulting and/or training on technical writing for businesses, policy analysis, targeted research, program evaluation, outreach planning, disability inclusion support, developing workshops/webinars, improving business operations, etc.  


Land Surveying Services: Able to conduct site surveys, location surveys, boundary surveys, and topographical surveys.


Staffing and Laboring: Able to fulfill temporary staffing requests as well as non-temporary staffing requests. Able to staff skilled laboring services (labor that requires training) and unskilled laboring services (labor with no training needed).


HVAC Facilities Maintenance: HVAC service performed as a part of larger Comprehensive Maintenance service. Technician(s) reports to the same location, daily, providing preventative maintenance service to the same equipment, having proficiency with the equipment in the assigned facility. Technician also maintain a stock of tools, equipment, and supplies necessary to keep the appointed facility up and running.  Often, a wider skill set is necessary to be responsible for other disciplines in the facility such as Plumbing, Electrical, and General Maintenance.