Our services enable our individual professionals and nonprofit corporate members to increase the quality of the services they offer.

Our Services Include:

  • Professional Development Opportunities

To help our members build capacity, Maryland Works offers cutting edge classroom training and online training courses with some of our training modules offering Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 

  • Public Policy, Education & Advocacy

Maryland Works is the leading organization advocating to create and expand employment, increase economic and entrepreneurship opportunities for people with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities are able to receive proper job training in order to help them maintain steady employment. Maryland Works is a visible and distinguished public policy organization that ensures that all people with disabilities have a right to meaningful, integrated employment.

  • Networking and Partnership Opportunities

Maryland Works training and events are perfect venues for our members to come together to network, meet with employers and share best practices. We value our partnerships with nationally renowned experts and other prominent organizations to bring technical assistance and training to our members. 

Our Programs & Initiatives:

  • We are organized into three programs that provide services and support for organizations, career counseling professionals, and individuals with disabilities.
  • The Provider Network is comprised of nonprofit community-based organizations that offer quality training, employment, and other services for people with disabilities.
  • The Workforce Network is made up of a wide range of workforce development and other career counseling professionals.
  • The Employment Works Program creates quality employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities while providing the State of Maryland with high-quality services and commodities.