Chimes Virtual Gallery Featured Artist: Sophie Lee Rossignuolo


We'd love for you to meet Sophie Lee! Through a Chimes employment partnership, she works at BWI Airport and takes pride in working to keep the airport clean and safe. In her free time, she enjoys participating in activities that allow her to be creative and artistic.

Sophie has been expressing herself through art for as long as she can remember. Recently, she has shifted her focus to painting animation-based illustrations, as she finds joy in watching her work come alive with color and action. Sophie carries this passion in everything that she does, and we are so happy to have her in our community.

Fun Fact: Sophie Lee once had a streak of not missing work for seven years!

Sophie's supervisors have remarked that she loves her job with Chimes and is a highly dependable hard worker. Many others like Sophie benefit greatly from Chimes employment services. Whether transitioning from school to work or straight into the workforce, we make employment possible for those we serve. Chimes also provides application and interview support, on-site training, and ongoing supervision to those in our programs.
We are so grateful for the support you show us so that together we can create a world that's better suited for individuals with disabilities and behavioral health challenges. The Chimes Virtual Gallery will continue soon!



Source: Chimes International