Inclusive Hiring: Melwood Adds 15 Veterans to Team


Melwood VA 4.jpgMelwood, an organization dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities, has recently expanded its efforts to empower veterans through a partnership with the Compensated Work Therapy Program, Veteran’s Affairs Maryland Health Care System facilitated by Maryland Works. Following a successful hiring event attended by over 30 vets, Melwood has extended job offers to 15 veterans, contingent upon the successful completion of pre-employment requirements. This initiative not only demonstrates Melwood's commitment to assisting veterans in their transition to civilian life but also highlights the organization's proactive approach to providing meaningful employment opportunities.

In addition to the offers extended, Melwood has engaged with 11 veterans who expressed interest in various roles within the organization, including part-time custodial positions and opportunities in other divisions such as corporate or Community Services. While specific roles matching their preferences were not immediately available, Melwood has reached out to these individuals to explore alternative options and ensure that their skills and aspirations are aligned with suitable opportunities within the organization.Melwood VA 3.jpg

Melwood's overarching mission is to foster personal development, career growth, community integration, and improved financial stability for individuals with disabilities. With a workforce of over 800 employees spread across Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia, Melwood operates in diverse sectors, ranging from military bases and government facilities to commercial sites, offering a wide array of employment possibilities and affirming its commitment to inclusivity and empowerment. Melwood VA1 .jpg

Source: Maryland Works and Melwood