Economic Impact Study of the Employment Works Program


The Maryland Works Employment Works Program (EWP) is a part of the State Preference Procurement Program which utilizes State or State-aided/controlled entities’ product and service contracts for the provision of certain skills training, work experience, employment, and business ownership opportunities for people with disabilities and barriers to employment. The overall goal of the EWP is to maximize the positive impact in advancing competitive integrated employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and barriers to employment, while ensuring high quality supplies and services for the State of Maryland. 

In 1985, Maryland Works, in partnership with the Maryland Legislature, created a Preference Purchasing Program that expanded employment options for Maryland citizens with disabilities. Maryland Works consulted with Towson University, Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI), to complete an Economic Impact Study to assist with estimating the economic and fiscal impact benefit of the Employment Works Program.  We are happy to share the Infographic that highlights the Return On Investment of the Maryland Works, Employment Works Program.


EWP Infographic Updated_11_1.png