Governor Moore Announces Cabinet Secretaries, Executive Staff and Communications Team

AF1QipMKHVvd7bsp8GHmAKxzo47ngncSKxeLOtkYzLRVwes-moore-official-governor-portrait.jpgOn Tuesday, January 18, Wes Moore was sworn in as Maryland’s 63rd Governor. The Governor started his first day in the Governor's office with appointing the following Cabinet Secretaries:

  • Secretary of Disabilities- Carol Beatty
  • Secretary of Labor- Portia Wu
  • Secretary of the Department of Health - Dr. Laura Herrera Scott
  • Secretary of Human Services- Rafael Lopez
  • Secretary of General Services- Atif Chaudhry
  • Secretary of Veteran Affairs- Anthony Woods
  • Secretary of Juvenile Services- Vincent Schiraldi
  • Secretary of Emergency Management- Russell Strickland
  • Secretary of Public Safety & Corrections- Carolyn Scruggs
  • Deputy Chief of Staff Public Safety & Homeland Security- Harold "Bud" Frank
  • Secretary of Information Technology- Katie Savage
  • Secretary of Housing & Community Development- Jake Day
  • Secretary of Agriculture- Kevin Atticks
  • Secretary of Environment- Serena Mcllwain
  • Secretary of Natural Resources- Josh Kurtz
  • Secretary of Planning- Rebecca Flora
  • Secretary of Aging- Carmel Roques
  • Secretary of Commerce- Kevin Anderson
  • Special Secretary of Opioid Response- Emily Keller
  • Secretary of Transportation- Paul Wiedefeld

Appointments to the Governor’s Executive Staff:

  • Senior Advisor and Director of Public Engagement- Ned Miller
  • Chief Data Officer- Patrick McLoughlin
  • Director of Scheduling- Arnelda Broadaway


Communications Team

  • Communications Director & Senior Advisor- David Turner 
  • Deputy Director of Communications- Maureen Regan 
  • Senior Press Secretary- Brittany Marshall 
  • Press Secretary- Carter Elliott, IV