Alliance, Inc. at BWI Airport

image(7).pngAlliance, Inc. Business Services Division oversees the janitorial contract at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport for the Daily and Hourly garage along with approximately fifteen outer/supporting buildings on the airport grounds. These buildings include the Fire Station, Administrative Mac Building, IT Kaufman Building, Taxi Drivers staging area and office, along with many of the grounds, maintenance shops and offices. 

Alliance works hand in hand with Maryland Aviation Administration Office of Custodial Services (MAA OCS) to compile data pricing, scope and frequencies with the assistance of MD Works to execute five year contracts; their newest contract start date was September 1, 2022. They currently have 43 employees at BWI Thurgood Marshal Airport, which includes 28 fulltime employees working on the Outer Building and Garages contract including a Project Mimage(8).pnganager and an Assistant Project/QA Manager. The average direct labor wage for Janitorial and Supervision positions is $17.26.

Stephen Rodgers from BWI Operations & Maintenance is responsible for the coordination and execution of the Alliance contract with BWI. Mr. Rodgers takes the lead for writing the contract scope, exhibits and articles. He works closely with corporate management to ensure the execution of the contract for approval. Mr. Rodgers’ key role is coordinating with Alliance all requirements of the janitorial contract in a timely and efficient matter. Alliance's partnership with him has been a great asset.

Alliance, Inc. has been able to maintain very low ATP scores (8 in July) for the last few months, with the help of professional cleaners they also scored a total QA rating of 91.5% in September. They have also been able to transition to a new contract with different shifts and losing the overnight shift smoothly with no detrimental issues or concerns. 

With the help of MAA OCS and Mr. Stephen Rodgers, Alliance, Inc. is in the process of purchasing two brand new electric carts to quicken the process of pulling trash for police drive lanes and ramps in both garages. This is a large implementation which will help the efficiency of their cleaning program.