Maryland Works Welcomes New Contracts Coordinators

20220614-maria-aukward.jpgMaria Aukward 

“As a new contract coordinator with Maryland Works, I’m excited to work with my team and continue to develop more jobs for individuals with disabilities. I’m looking forward to working with the company and seeing the effect I can make with this community.” - Maria Aukward,Contracts Coordinator



Devon Blair20220614-devon-blair.jpg 

“So grateful to have an opportunity to work with a phenomenal team at Maryland Works. I am ecstatic to embark on a role that allows me to serve the Maryland community with open arms  and the privilege to develop relationships in a positive work environment. Overjoyed to bring my passion of service to a city near you.”  - Devon Blair, Contracts Coordinator




20220614-jake-wills.jpg Jake Wills 

 "I am very excited to work for a great company with great people! I'm also excited to enter into a role that can make communities in Maryland better and make people's lives better at the same time." - Jake Wills, Contracts Coordinator