Employment Works Program Highlight: State Highway Administration (SHA)

The Employment Works Program (EWP) has maintained yet another contract that will create jobs and business opportunities for people with disabilities in Maryland. Since 2019, the EWP has held the Owings Mills janitorial contract with the State Highway Administration (SHA). As the contract comes up for renewal at the end of June, the EWP is looking forward to the new full-time opportunities this contract will create. This is one of 163 contracts that the Employment Works Program coordinates that has created jobs and business opportunities for our Vendor Network. As the EWP continues to expand, we look forward to diversifying our portfolio of services to create jobs and opportunities for Marylanders living with disabilities.

To become an EWP vendor an organization must be a  "Community Service Provider"; or an "Individual-With-a-Disability-Owned Business"; Vendors must also meet the eligibility requirements as defined in 
SF 14-101. If you are interested in learning more about the EWP or how to become a contract vendor, please visit our website here: Vendor Eligibility Requirements (