Spectrum Support Success Story: Ashley Cole

In 2018, Ashley Cole successfully completed a Frederick Community College 90-hour childcare certificate program hoping to live out her passion to obtain a job working with children. With funding from DORS and staff support from her DDA provider, Ashley applied to work at Frederick County Day Montessori & Arts School. 

Ashley was hired as a Classroom Aide and has been working full-time since June 2018, despite a short 2-month leave during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. She resumed her normal duties once the center re-opened and continued to work throughout the whole pandemic, with even more passion and dedication as before. 

Ashley increased her responsibilities by taking the opportunity to enroll in a Montessori Curriculum training program to learn how to provide educational experience to toddlers in the classroom where she works. She continues to share her successes and problem solve different peer relationships when being supported by her Spectrum Support job coach, which allows her to maintain her independence at her place of employment.