Maryland Works Recognized by Horizon Goodwill as "Business Partner of the Year"

Horizon Goodwill (HGI) serves a region of Maryland that can experience significant unemployment. The western part of the state can often present difficulties for job seekers and employers alike. Combating this requires dedicated partners who are willing to step up when needed to find a way to get folks back to work. That is exactly what Horizon Goodwill did last year in the midst of the pandemic.


When a private vendor performing general highway maintenance went out of business, threatening seven full-time jobs, the State Highway Administration called Horizon Goodwill to see if something could be done. HGI in turn called the Employment Works Program to find a way forward. The EWP and HGI worked rapidly to preserve all seven jobs at an average wage of over $19 per hour. Thanks to Horizon's efforts and diligence, seven people got to keep their jobs in the middle of an unprecedented crisis. 


Maryland works is incredibly proud of our community partner, Horizon Goodwill, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds!


On May 4th, Horizon Goodwill will recognize Maryland Works as “Business Partner of the Year” at their awards dinner—look for pictures in our May newsletter!





Source: Patrick Lloyd