EWP Spotlight: HNM Services

As we move closer toward a full return to normalcy, it's important to remember all those who made efforts to keep us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. HNB Services, a foundational member of the EWP Individual-with-Disability-Owned Business Program, is one of the many vendors who rose to the challenge. In the spring of 2020, HNB partnered with ARC Baltimore to provide atomized sterilization services for the Owings Mills Metro Station. For 7 days a week, 16 hours a day, you could find HNB's hardworking crews moving from car to car in an effort to clear and disinfect all surfaces before new passengers entered for their commutes. At a time when the whole world seemed to halt, HNB sprang to action in an effort to keep Marylanders safe. The EWP is incredibly proud of their work and we look forward to new and exciting opportunities in the future. 

Source: Patrick Lloyd