Toolkit for Developing High-Performing Industry Partnerships

What is an Industry Partnership?

The National Fund defines an industry partnership as a dynamic collaboration of a regional group of employers, stakeholders, and workers that convene regularly with the assistance of a workforce intermediary. Successful industry partnerships embody a shared commitment to good jobs, racial equity and inclusion, and a continuous learning mindset.

This toolkit guides workforce practitioners through characteristics that are necessary to develop, grow, and improve industry partnerships. It includes a mix of reports and resources that industry partnerships can use to guide the implementation of different practices based on your industry partnership’s goals and stages of development. It is appropriate for industry partnerships at any stage, from brand new to fully mature.

Before digging into the characteristics, take the self-assessment to get individualized results about the development, goals, and outcomes of your industry partnership. Have other members of your partnership take the assessment as well! Print your results, and complete the continuous improvement template to chart your path forward.

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Source: National Fund for Workforce Solutions