Employment Works Program Workforce Spotlight

We have all heard the ageless adage too many times in our lives. The dreaded journalistic phrase that “Bad News Sells." Well, for the purpose of sales, that may have some truth. However, I am delighted to write and inform readers describing the contrary.


The Employment Works Program at Maryland Works has been partnering with The Chimes and the Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA) for years regarding a janitorial contract inside the BWI airport terminal. A recent meeting between all parties disclosed a remarkable fact that brings happiness and pride to everyone involved with this project. Please note, this remarkable fact persevered through the insuperable challenges that all persons and businesses have encountered since March 2020. 


Dare I say, “Drum Roll Please”? Well, not a single individual was terminated from his or her job duties or position throughout the (still ongoing) COVID-19 crises at the airport. This truly is a remarkable fact considering that the airport passenger traffic was reduced by an astounding 95% capacity during several months in 2020. 


It goes without saying that this is the result of all parties working in unison to fulfill a mission. The commitment and hard work performed between the dedicated workers at The Chimes and MAA make this a news story that absolutely makes a good read. In closing, I would like to continue with the current theme. Houston, we certainly do not have a problem (at all) at BWI airport!

Source: Wayne Nelson