Self - Advocacy Specialist Position in SMRO

The Southern Maryland Regional Office is currently hiring for a Self-Advocacy Specialist. If you support anyone that would be a good fit for this position, please share this information for their consideration. Attached is a description of the Self Advocacy role and the link to the job posting that will be open until 1/19/22. 

About DDA’s Advocacy Specialists:


What is an “Advocacy Specialist?”

DDA has an Advocacy Specialist in each of their four Regional Offices. Each Advocacy Specialist is someone who has their own intellectual or developmental disability. They each have lived-experiences using the same services that DDA waiver participants, and other people with disabilities use, such as Social Security, DORS, and paratransit. This gives them an “insider knowledge” of how to navigate services that someone without disabilities may not have. 


Who are the Advocacy Specialists allowed to help?

The Advocacy Specialists can help people who are applying for DDA services, people already receiving DDA services, and their families. 


What do the Advocacy Specialists do? 

1.  The Advocacy Specialists work with people in services, families, Coordinators of Community Services, and provider agencies. 

2.  Advocacy Specialists can help explain what services are available and help troubleshoot problems. 

3.  Advocacy Specialists are also available to present to community groups on topics such as Transitioning Youth, mental health, and assistive technology. 


For more information about the position and how to apply, please us the links below:



Source: MDOH