EWP Technical Assistance Grants

Maryland Works Announces a Funding Opportunity

To provide coordinated, comprehensive small business development services and supports that are responsive and accessible to the needs of Individuals with Disability Owned Businesses


Employment Works Program Technical Assistance Grants



The purpose of this initiative is to improve the employment outcomes of people with disabilities by supporting Individuals with Disability Owned Businesses (IDOBs), to build, expand and sustain effective skills, capacity and competencies. Funds may be used to obtain customized technical assistance to support IDOBs by reducing barriers that underrepresented and underserved entrepreneurs often face in accessing the programs they need to grow their businesses.

All grant recipients are required to participate in a learning community to share their efforts to improve employment outcomes and receive mutual peer support.

This grant opportunity is available to:

•    IDOBs and CSP's certified by The Maryland State Department of Education Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)
•    IDOBs and CSP's currently holding contracts in Maryland’s Employment Works Program

Vendor Business Partners may apply for up to $10,000.  Two grants will be awarded, $10,000 each. 


People with disabilities in Maryland want jobs in the community, pay that provides a living wage with benefits, and opportunities for career advancement. This initiative addresses several of the components that are critical for this to happen, including:

    • Capacity and needed resources
    • Implementation of best and promising practices that will maximize the employment opportunities and career potential of people with disabilities

State and federal laws and policies are shifting toward requiring and supporting increased Competitive Integrated Employment opportunities for people with disabilities to work in their communities in a fully integrated work environment.

Through this initiative, Maryland Works seeks to assist IDOBs and CSP's who are strongly committed to providing integrated employment to people with disabilities, and who need assistance with providing an infrastructure to support this.

Scope of Work

Selected Business Partners will need to seek technical assistance from subject matter experts to receive ongoing mentoring to address the challenges outlined in their proposals that cause barriers in business growth.

Funding can be used for a range of technical assistance and training activities. Examples of activities supported through this initiative may include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Attend interactive trainings and workshops on business development.
    • Receive an assessment of your business concept/business plan by business experts.
    • Review the financial status of the business and provide technical assistance to enhance controls.
    • Training on the most common Microsoft Office applications.
    • Develop the business’s online presence and utilize digital tools.
    • Explore and apply for business certifications.

Expected Outcomes

    • Ensure Business Partner understands the importance of financial practices by understanding the basics of money management for both personal and commercial finances, explore capital resources, and strategies for financial success.
    • Develop general proficiencies that will assist in establishing and operating business.
    • Greater access to grants, business resources and new business connections.
    • New ideas and approaches tried and evaluated that can be replicated and certifications following trainings and technical assistance.

What Proposals Must Include

To request funding, Vendor Business Partners must submit a proposal that includes the following information

  1.  General Information
    1. Organization’s name, address and contact information.
    2. Current business lines of service.
    3. What are you seeking to change or improve as a result of the technical assistance? Be specific.
    4. What specific types and amounts (hours or days) of technical assistance are you requesting?
    5. Who will provide the technical assistance, if known?
    6. What are their related credentials and experience? (Indicate if you do not know and the funding partners will assist in identifying the source of technical assistance).
    7. How will the changes or improvements you make as a result of this technical assistance be sustained?
    8. In order to evaluate this initiative:
      1. How will you determine that the goals and the objectives have been met?
      2. How will you determine the impact or effect the project has upon the individuals served?
      3. Are you committed to participating in the learning community related to this work? Who will participate? The learning community members will define for themselves how frequently they meet.
  2. Supporting Documentation
    1. A letter of commitment from the Vendor Business Partner.
    2. Resume and signed letter of intent from the consultant(s) who will be involved in this initiative, if identified.
    3. Budget to include the following information:
      1. subject matter expert fees
      2. transportation/travel costs
    4. A brief explanation and justification for each expense, including how you arrived at the total.
  3. Proposal
    1. Proposals may not exceed 10 pages, not including the supporting documents in Section IV.
    2. Do not submit cover letters, descriptive material, or any other attachment, except as listed above. They will not be reviewed.


All grant recipients must provide Maryland Works with copies of materials developed as a result of this project, e.g., policies, procedures, and lessons learned.

Funds Available


Funds will be available beginning November 13, 2023 and should be expended within six months.. Each Vendor Business Partner submitting an application may apply for a maximum of $10,000.

Who Can Submit Proposals

Individual With Disability Owned Businesses (IDOBs) and Community Service Providers (CSP's), certified by The Maryland State Department of Education Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) and currently holding contracts in Maryland’s Employment Works Program are eligible to submit proposals. 

Pre-Proposal Information Sessions

A pre-proposal information session will be held. The pre-proposal information session will be the only opportunity to ask questions. Attendance is not mandatory.

Email info@mdworks.com or call 410-381-8660 for more information or questions. 


Proposal Deadline

To be considered, proposals MUST be received by noon on October 20, 2023. Email your application to kevina@mdworks.com

Important Note: Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged by email or phone. If you do not receive confirmation by 2PM on October 20, 2023, contact Kevin at 410-381-8660.


October 20th, 2023
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