12-07 thru 12-16 ACRE Approved Basic Community Employment (CE) Certificate Training

ACRE Approved Basic Community Employment (CE) Certificate Training
 Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE)

Facilitated by the Nationally Renowned Experts
Griffin-Hammis Associates

5-Day Training


DDA strongly recommends that all Provider DSPs complete the

ACRE training before taking the APSE CESP exam. DSPs that

successfully complete the ACRE training will be reimbursed

100 percent of the registration fee by DDA.


Due to our concern of the COVID-19 virus and the safety of our registrants

the ACRE Training will be conducted as a Zoom Meeting webinar.

Registration Fee : $450.00


December 2020

Monday, 12/07 – Tuesday,12/08 – Wednesday, 12/09, Thursday, 12/10
Friday, 12/11 – Monday, 12/14 – Tuesday, 12/15 – Wednesday, 12/16

9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

This Customized Job Development & Discovery immersion training provides a rich foundation in all key components associated with best practices in Customized Job Development and Discovery. Training content incorporates both case studies and video examples and pair’s didactic presentation with a variety of hands-on activities to provide real-time learning opportunities for all participants.


Sessions 1 and 2 Content  – Customized Employment (CE) & Discovery


This 2-day session quickly traces the development and evolution of Supported Employment, explores the key disability legislation impacting people with disabilities and explains the interaction of various systems and policies. The main thrust of this session is defining CE in functional terms through the exploration of wage and small business examples drawn from across the United States, showcasing the CE process, understanding the guiding values of community participation, amalgamation of funding and best-practices in rehabilitation.

The assessment process of Discovery is introduced as the foundation of career planning. Key to the class will be: structuring the process, learning how to begin and selecting environments and activities for assessment.  As part of this training staff will learn how to assess new customers and determine if they might require job placement, typical supported employment or customized employment strategies and the Discovery Process. This session and all others will include both classroom and community-based exercises, role play use of on-the-job training and work trials.  Registrants will learn how to refer to other agencies for assistance, as well as developing a CE design team including family and the consumer’s role and their responsibilities. Learn how to develop a vocational profile.  This session and all others will include both classroom and community-based exercises and role play.


Day 3 Content (8 hours) Customized Job Development & Interest Based Negotiation


This session builds on Discovery and the vocational profile to create a plan for identifying the ideal conditions of employment. A thoughtful process is used that generates employment ideas through the use of a CE Team, creating a prospecting list of at least 20 employers. The processes of connecting to employers, job creation and carving, resource ownership, on-the-job training/tryouts, developing funding strategies, and interest-based negotiation are covered. Because Job Development exploration is also used to generate business-to-business entrepreneurial ideas.

Session 4 & 5 Content - Systematic Instruction and Natural Supports


This session combines lecture and hands-on practice of errorless learning strategies developing creative employment and business strategies, to using natural workplace supports, to facilitating co-worker mentoring, and to reducing stigma and job loss. Critical elements taught include: designing Typical Person Inventories (TPI), prompt hierarchies, task analysis, job analysis, reward strategies, topographic and functional correctness, the role of corporate culture, et al. Attendees will learn how to do effective job analysis, work culture analysis and work with individuals who face behavioral challenges.


Session 5 &6 Content Part I: Benefits Planning, Social Security Benefits, Work Incentives, and Pass Plans and Economic Development Strategies and Self Employment


This session, including substantial case studies, presents a functional overview of SSA and Medicaid benefits, and the most commonly utilized work incentives, including: Plans for Achieving Self Support (PASS), Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE), Property Essential to Self-Support (PESS), 1619a & b, etc. Participants will learn how to do basic calculations regarding the impact of wages and self- employment net earnings on cash benefit checks, calculate Trial Work Period Months, and generate a budget for a proposed PASS Plan.


Session 7 & 8 Content Part II:  Economic Development Strategies for Customized Outcomes Including Resource Ownership & Self Employment


This session continues to build on information from Discovery and community employment exploration,and begins to link with the information from the benefits analysis especially regarding the availability of potential PASS funding. Using the vocational profile and the Ideal Conditions of Employment, we look at the economic development strategies including resource ownership and business ideas that will be generated to match the individual consumer’s interests, skills, and talents. Teams will work together designing preliminary methods of testing ideas.



Training Facilitator: Corey Smith is a Senior Consultant with the nationally renowned subject matter experts Griffin-Hammis Associates, Inc. Corey provides training and technical assistance on Customized Employment (CE), Supported Employment, braided funding, building social capital for people with disabilities and their families all over the country.  Projects include the development of Customized Employment services in both metropolitan and rural communities that includes working with funders and universities on best practices strategies.  Corey brings many years of experience in direct services, administration, organizational transformation, and development for organizations providing employment services.   

e play.   *Note that Discovery content runs throughout the curriculum



December 7th, 2020
December 8th, 2020
December 9th, 2020
December 10th, 2020
December 11th, 2020
December 14th, 2020
December 15th, 2020
December 16th, 2020
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Zoom Meeting Webinar
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