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For more information regarding the Employment Works Program, please call 410-381-8660 or e-mail



Employment Works program eligibility is extended to Community Service Providers and Individuals with Disability Owned Businesses who are eligible to participate in the Employment Works Program, if they meet the eligibility requirements as defined in SF 14-101. An organization must be a "Community Service Provider" or an "Individual with a Disability Owned Business:"

Community Service Provider requirements:

1. That is organized under the laws of the United States or the State;

2. That is certified as a Community Service Provider by the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor;

3. That is accredited by the Division of Rehabilitation Services of

the Department of Education;

4. That is operated in the interest of individuals who have a mental or physical disability, including blindness, that

> Constitutes a substantial handicap to employment and
> Prevents the individual from engaging in normal competitive employment; and

5. The net income of which does not insure wholly or partly to the benefit of any shareholder or other individual.


Individual with Disability Owned Business requirements:


1. Certificate of Incorporation.

2. Constitution and By-Laws.

3. Description of business services, capabilities, and development plans.

4. Describe geographical areas of State you will operate in.

5. Copy of Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) certification letter.

6. Federal Employers ID number.


If your organization is eligible to participate and would like to fill out an application for the Employment Works Program, please contact the Employment Works Program at 410-381-8660. 














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